Payback 2 (Payback 2 the battle Sandbox) is a top-down game released for IOS devices on the App Store.

Gameplay Edit

The game is some what like Grand Theft Auto as you get to free roam. You also get to drive Vehicles and use many weapons. The game is set in a few different cities as well. Thr game is also able to be played in multiplayer, cmpaignn, or custom games as well as hourly, daily, and weekly challenges. GTA Chinatown may have much better graphics and physics,but you cannot match the fun of Payback which exclusively includes Online Multiplayer and many other features as the app grows!

The all NEW Payback 2 wikia is here, click on the link to go to the updated Payback 2 wikia with over 80 pages. Please check it out if you like Payback 2. ☀


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